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Even if you're pupil who wishes extra perform than your textbook offers or a qualified desirous to brush up in your talents, 1001 Math difficulties supplies all of the perform you must prevail. the final word learn-by-doing guidance consultant, 1001 Math difficulties will train you ways to: organize for very important assessments strengthen multiple-choice attempt innovations study math ideas and the way to use them to difficulties conquer math nervousness via abilities reinforcement and targeted perform How does 1001 Math difficulties construct your math talents? The specialists at LearningExpress have designed this publication in order that it: begins every one bankruptcy with the fundamentals and strikes to extra complex questions for exponential abilities construction bargains various query varieties to maintain you engaged specializes in fixing math note difficulties and figuring out the foundations of distance, expense, and time Improves your skill to address math subject matters like discovering quarter, perimeter, quantity, and different kinds of dimension offers designated solution causes for each query This publication additionally bargains entry to LearningExpress's on-line perform middle. Use your distinct entry code to spice up your math abilities on-line with much more perform. you'll obtain rapid scoring and solution factors for all questions, and be capable of concentration your examine the place you wish it with a personalized diagnostic document.

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27ᎏ34ᎏ c. ᎏ23ᎏ a. 3ᎏ12ᎏ17 17ᎏ12ᎏ 2ᎏ45ᎏ 2ᎏ25ᎏ b. 195. c. 20ᎏ29ᎏ 1ᎏ35ᎏ 5 ᎏ8ᎏ ᎏ41ᎏ 0 b. 194. b. 20 d. 5ᎏ89ᎏ 10ᎏ21ᎏ2 10ᎏ16ᎏ 30 – FRACTIONS – 205. 9ᎏ37ᎏ + 4ᎏ25ᎏ = a. 13ᎏ15ᎏ2 207. Which of the following is between ᎏ13ᎏ and ᎏ14ᎏ? a. ᎏ15ᎏ b. 13ᎏ34ᎏ b. c. 13ᎏ23ᎏ95 c. 13ᎏ35ᎏ72 d. d. 206. 3ᎏ56ᎏ × 4ᎏ23ᎏ = a. 17ᎏ89ᎏ 2 ᎏᎏ 3 2 ᎏᎏ 5 2 ᎏᎏ 7 208. Change ᎏ56ᎏ5 to a mixed number. a. 8ᎏ16ᎏ b. 12ᎏ17ᎏ8 b. 9ᎏ16ᎏ c. 16ᎏ23ᎏ c. 9ᎏ51ᎏ5 d. 13ᎏ35ᎏ d. 9ᎏ56ᎏ5 31 – FRACTIONS – Set 14 214. What is the reciprocal of 4ᎏ35ᎏ ? a. ) 209.

A dormitory now houses 30 men and allows 42 square feet of space per man. If five more men are put into this dormitory, how much less space will each man have? a. 5 square feet b. 6 square feet c. 7 square feet d. 8 square feet 141. Land consisting of a quarter section is sold for $1,850 per acre (one quarter section = 160 acres). The total sale price is a. $296,000 b. $592,000 c. $1,184,000 d. ) 150. Which of the following numbers is divisible by six? a. 232 b. 341 c. 546 d. 903 145. On a particular morning the temperature went up 1° every two hours.

A. ) 209. Which of the following is the equivalent of ᎏ14ᎏ85 ? a. 45 b. 5 c. 42 b. c. d. 160 ᎏ 215. Change ᎏ 40 to a whole number. a. 16 b. 10 c. 8 d. 4 d. 4 210. Which of the following has the greatest value? a. ᎏ78ᎏ b. c. d. 3 ᎏᎏ 4 2 ᎏᎏ 3 5 ᎏᎏ 6 216. Change this improper fraction to a mixed number: ᎏ33ᎏ1 . a. 10 b. 10ᎏ13ᎏ 211. Which of the following has the smallest value? a. ᎏ35ᎏ b. c. d. c. 10ᎏ12ᎏ 8 ᎏ1ᎏ 5 17 ᎏᎏ 30 2 ᎏᎏ 3 d. 11ᎏ13ᎏ 217. Change this mixed number to an improper fraction: 5ᎏ12ᎏ.

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