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Check in front of you and get ready to use the foot that is nearest to the opponent to pivot off of. 4. Use that foot to push off of and change your direction to a lateral step making sure you maintain your balance. 5. Plant your feet and start to move in a forward motion. 6. Evaluate the field again to see more oncoming opponents. Tips • • • • Make sure to stay low and keep you balance throughout the movement. Look in the opposite direction you are cutting, if you look in the direction your cutting instead of the direction your juking you are telling the defender which way your cutting instead of faking him or her out.

Footballs tend to sail through the air quite well when a decent amount of spin has been imparted on it. A certain release point will generally be good enough to cover 5-15 yds, a slightly higher release will rocket the ball 15-25 yds and so on and so forth. A three quarter release is generally a very easy way to throw. Remember to follow through with your arm fully to the hip opposite of your throwing arm. If released properly the ball will drill through the air. o To throw a deep ball, just change the launch angle.

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