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By Daniel Fleisch, Julia Kregenow

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The learn of astronomy deals a vast chance for us to realize a deeper figuring out of our planet, the sunlight method, the Milky manner Galaxy and the identified Universe. utilizing the plain-language method that has confirmed hugely renowned in Fleisch's different Student's courses, this booklet is perfect for non-science majors taking introductory astronomy classes. The authors handle subject matters that scholars locate such a lot problematical, on matters starting from stars and light-weight to gravity and black holes. Dozens of absolutely labored examples and over one hundred fifty routines and homework difficulties support readers familiarize yourself with the options in each one bankruptcy. An accompanying site contains a host of assisting fabrics, together with interactive ideas for each workout and challenge within the textual content and a chain of video podcasts during which the authors clarify the $64000 ideas of each element of the ebook.

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Likewise, for gas-giant planets, the “surface” level is sometimes associated with a layer in the planet’s atmosphere. 1 Newton’s Law of Gravity 47 Here’s an example: Example: Find the force of gravity of the Earth on a person with a mass of 100 kg standing on the Earth’s surface. In this case, the only number you’re given is the mass of the person (100 kg), which you can call m 1 . But you’re also told that the person is standing on the surface of the Earth, which means that you can look up the mass of the second object (the Earth), which you can call m 2 , and the distance between the person and the center of the Earth (R), which is essentially the radius of the Earth.

So what does a negative exponent mean? Simply this: the more negative the exponent, the closer the value of the number is to zero. 3 × 10−11 is a very very small number. In astronomy, you are unlikely to encounter many negative numbers, but you are very likely to see negative exponents. For example, the values of some of the physical constants, wavelengths of light, and masses of atoms are all very small and are often written using scientific notation with negative exponents. 6 × 10−19 . 6, respectively.

2 lb (which is a force)? Clearly not, which is why we put quotation marks around the word “equals” in the previous sentences. 2 lb. 2 lb. To verify that, you can use the gravity equation to find the force of gravity produced by Earth’s Moon on a mass on the surface of the Moon. Example: Find the force of the Moon’s gravity on a 1-kg object on the surface of the Moon. 37 lb. 2 lb on the surface of the Moon. Instead, on the surface of the Moon, a mass of 1 kg weighs only about 13 lb. 2, it’s frequently said that you would weigh only about one-sixth as much on the Moon as on Earth, or “the Moon’s gravity is one-sixth of Earth’s gravity”.

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