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By Jean Meeus

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Acknowledged in book," nearly each past guide on celestial calcuations used to be compelled to depend on formaulae for solar Moon and planets that have been built within the final century or sooner than 1920. along with his specified knack for computations of every kind, the writer has made the basic of those smooth innovations on hand to us all.

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Hence if A E SU(V) the transformation induced by A preserves a and the Hermitian form and hence commutes with *: *A = A * for all A E SU(V). Let us now assemble all these facts for the special case of A2(C2'2) . Here *2 = id. Every T E A2(C2'2) can be written as T= (T+*T)+2(T-*T) that is as T=a+i(3, where *a=aand */3=/i. Now the set of a satisfying *a = a is a real subspace, call it W, of A2 (C2, 2) . The preceding equation shows that W is six dimensional, indeed that A2(C2'2) is the complexification of W.

If X is any Riemannian manifold the "kinetic energy function" G on T*X defined by ZIIII2 E T*X, its length determines the geodesic flow on T*X: The projection onto X of the integral curves of G are the geodesics of X. If X = S = S" is the sphere, these geodesics are, of course, great circles. Think of S" as consisting of all unit vectors z = (yo, yI , ... , y") in COLLISIONS Rn+I Rn+I . 3Yn), so 2 IIZ112=Yo +IIY112 Let N = (1, 0) be called the north pole and let SN = S - {N} denote the sphere with the north pole removed.

N} . Then IIeiII2 = (-1)Q(I) where /3(I) denotes the number of i E I with i > p. So, for example, if V = C2'2, then A2 (V) is six dimensional and forl={1,2}andI={3,4} Ile1112=1 while Ile1112=-1 fore={1,3},{1,4}, {2, 31, or{2,4}. The induced Hermitian form on A2(C2' 2) is thus of signature (2, 4). Returning to the general case, /fin (V) is one dimensional where n = dim V and our formula says that Ie1112 = (-1)9, I = {1, ... , n}. Thus the induced Hermitian form on An (V) has signature (-1)q . Now fix some element 6 of K(V) with (a, j) = (-1)9 Then define the antilinear operator -An-k(V) *.

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