New PDF release: Atlas of Zeolite Framework Types: 2

By Christian Baerlocher, Lynne B. McCusker, David H. Olson

ISBN-10: 0444530649

ISBN-13: 9780444530646

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C. R. M. M. M. and Gies, H. Eur. J. Solid State Inorg. Q. and Gies, H. :.. 1 12-ring along [001] References: (1) Li, H. J. Am. Chem. , 120, 10569-10570 (1998) ASV 56 ATN Framework Type Data 141mmm -~Y x framework viewed along [001] Idealized cell data: tetragonal, I 4 / m m m , a - 13. 0* > ....... 0 .. 0 .... '.. O. F. , Finger, G. and Kornatowski, J. Z. B. and Wendelbo, R. J. Phys. E. and Sivasanker, S. , Norby, P. C. Chem. , 10, 1688-1693 (1998) 58 ATO Framework Type Data .......... ,..... m Z Z z :.

J. , 156, 480-486 (2001) (10) Tripathi, A. B. A. J. W. L. Am. M. and Dunn, J. R. and Baerlocher, Ch. M. Y. , Montanari, L. and Bellussi, G. H. B. Chem. V. J. Struct. M. Y. R. J. Am. Chem. B. D. , Miyawaki, R. and Marubashi, T. Am. L. B. Am. , Chun-Lin, C. and Cheng Chi, Y. Am. Z. M. J. Chem. J. Am. , 29, 443-451 (1944) (28) Ghobarkar, H. and Franke, W. Cryst. Res. , Schaef, O. and Knauth, Pl Annal. Chimie, Science Mat~riaux, 24, 209-215 (1999) (30) Ghobarkar, H. Cryst. Res. , Haga, N. and Galli, E.

Garrone, E. and Gabelica, Z. B. and Baerlocher, Ch. , Garrone, E. and Gabelica, Z. ii15 ... ::~...... 0** ... M. K. Stud. Surf Sci. B. and Kaliaguine, S. J. Chem. 6-8 T3 Secondary building units: 6-6 or 4-2 or 6 or 4 Framework description: A A B B C C A A C C B B sequence of 6-rings Composite building units: d6r gme cha . . . . . . . . ~ ........ M. T. Stud. Surf Sci. T. M. Zeolites, 15, 460-469 (1995) 40 AFX P6Jmmc Framework Type Data 7. 7 T/1000A. 4 .... T. M. K. M. , Xu, L. and Sun, C.

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