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Das Ohr als Nachrichten- Zwicker, Ε. δ Scharf, S. ( 1 9 6 5 ) . A model of loudness Psychological Review 7 2 , 3 " 2 6 . summation. r 1 9 7 0 ) . t h a t all S w e d i s h v o w e l s could be m a t c h e d by t w o - f o r m a n t a p p r o x i m a t i o n s , and t h a t effective f o r m a n t 2 , F*2 w sa placed c l o s e to F 2 b a c k and m i d v o w e l s , i n b e t w e e n F 2 and F 3 in or r o u n d e d f r o n t v o w e l s , and h i g h e r for a t y p i c a l the in non-high in t h e r e g i o n of F 3 [i:] v o w e l , see F i g .

8 subjects participated in the e x p e r i m e n t . The m e t h o d of forced c h o i c e w a s u s e d : each stimulus to be identified w i t h one of the t h r e e R u s s i a n - [ ο ] , [e] or boundaries Hz, [a]. Points crosses show the b o u n d a r i e s F 3 = 3540 Hz and F t += 4 0 0 0 . pond in F i g . 9 for the case w h e n F 3 to the Fi show the vowels phoneme = 2 6 6 0 Hz and F i + = 3 5 0 0 for the case P o i n t s and c r o s s e s and F 2 v a l u e s for w h i c h the of c h o i c e of any of the two n e i g h b o u r i n g equal.

Auditory description of vowels I. In: Analiz rechevykh signalov chelovekom: Len i ngrad. Mushnikov, V . N . A. ( 1 9 7 1 b ) . Auditory description of vowels II. In: Analiz rechevykh signalov chelovekom: Leningrad. Mushnikov, V . N . A. ( 1 9 7 1 c ) . of vowel components loudness in vowel Akusticheskij Zhurnal 1 7 , 405-411. A study of the role recognition. N. A. (in press). Experimental test of the band-pass hypothesis of vowel perception. A. ( 1 9 7 2 ) . On the procedure of steady-state vowel In: Voprosy teorii i metodov issledovanija recognition.

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