Alfred (Eugene Jolas, trans.) Doblin's Berlin Alexanderplatz: The Story of Franz Biberkopf PDF

By Alfred (Eugene Jolas, trans.) Doblin

ISBN-10: 0826414877

ISBN-13: 9780826414878

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Karl will soon be here. Karl will be here any minute. ” What is a woman worth among friends? The London divorce courts, in the suit of Captain Bacon, pronounced a dissolution of his marriage on the ground of his wife’s adultery with Captain Furber, a fellow-officer, and granted him £750 damages. The captain does not seem to have put too high a value on his faithless wife, who is soon going to get married to her lover. Oh, there are mountains that have been lying quiet for myriads of years, and armies with guns and elephants have gone over them, what is one to do, when they suddenly start to caper, because down below there’s a noise that goes: rrrr, rumm.

The old man, however, held his wrist and squeezed and squeezed: “Just want to see who is stronger, you or 1. Now are you going to remain seated, or not? You are going to listen to what I am saying, young fellow. ” And turning to the red-haired chap who grasped the man by the shoulders: “Get out of here, you. Did I call you? ” What did these people want with him? He wanted to get out, he tried to rise, but the old man pushed him down again. ” “You better lemme go. ” Then the old man got up from his chair, went rustling up and down the room: “Let him scream as much as he wants to.

Now, now, it’s not going to be as bad as all that. You’re not going to go under. Berlin is big. ” He was in a deep dark courtyard. He stood beside the dustbin. And suddenly he started singing in a resonant voice, singing towards the walls. He took his hat off, like an organ-grinder. The echo resounded from the walls. That was fine. His voice filled his ears. He sang in such a very loud voice, he would never have been allowed to sing like that in prison. And what did he sing, that it should echo from the walls?

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