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By R. K. Salyaev (auth.), Dr. Bernard P. Marin (eds.)

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Fiziol Rast 30, n02: 188-192 Steck TL (1974) The organization of proteins in the human red blood cell membrane. A review. J Cell BioI 62: 1-19 Thines-Sempoux D (1973) A comparison between the lysosomal and the plasma membrane. In: Dingle JT (ed) Lysosomes in Biology and Pathology, vol 3, North Holland Pub 1 Co, Amsterdam, p 278 Travis RL, Booz ML (1979) Partial characterization of a potassiumstimulated adenosine triphosphatase from the plasma membrane of meristematic and mature soybean root tissue.

The release of membrane polypeptides at alkaline pH (A-D), by Kel (E) or urea (F). 6. 5]\1 (E) or urea 5 M (F) 33K 27K 17 K polypeptides are tenuously bound to the membrane and their elution properties indicate that they are either peripheral membrane proteins or sap proteins adventitiously bound to the membrane . Further binding studies will be required to determine if binding is specific and if the associations have any physiological significance. Other polypeptid e s are differentially eluted by Kel or urea (Fig.

8 73K 69K 50K 4i K 4 K 33K 27K \ mass 91 86 77 73 59 55 50 44 42 33 27 21 17 13 12 17K 4 M. W. xl0- 3 Fig. 5. Electrophoretic pattern of the polypeptides from the vacuole membrane of beetroot. (~) Densitometric scan of the SDS-polyacrylamide gel. (12) Electropherogram of the polypeptides from the vacuole · membrane. (~) Table showing the size and abundance of the major polypeptides of the vacuole membran e . The total includes only the major polypeptides. All the polype ptid es toge ther total 100 % Hipp ea strum have been shown to contain only 5 major peptides 53K) and 9 minor peptides (Wagner 1981).

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