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By Rick Remender

Trapped in a fantastical size, the Anarchist League of Scientists find a race of unusual creatures that carry the mysteries of the Eververse...and a startling discovery at the back of the Pillar's deeper mythological importance.

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C divides into C+, the positive constraints on E, and C-, the negative constraints on E. With each constraint is associated a number w, which is the weight (strength) of the constraint. The problem is to partition E into two sets, A and R, in a way that maximizes compliance with the following two coherence conditions: • If (ei, ej) is in C+, then ei is in A if and only if ej is in A. • If (ei, ej) is in C-, then ei is in A if and only if ej is in R. Let W be the weight of the partition, that is, the sum of the weights of the satisfied constraints.

He was right: Karsten Verbeurgt proved that max cut, a problem in graph theory known to be NP-complete, can be transformed to the coherence problem (Thagard and Verbeurgt 1998, appendix). If there were a polynomial-time solution to coherence maximization, there would also be a polynomial-time solution to max cut and all the other NP-complete problems. , that the class of problems solvable in polynomial time is not equal to NP), we can conclude that the general problem of computing coherence is computationally intractable.

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