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By J. E. Saxton

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ISBN-10: 0471897485

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Partial desk of contents:

Structural and Biosynthetic Relationships (R. Herbert).

The Corynantheine-Heteroyohimbine team (R. Brown).

The Sarpagine-Ajmaline crew (J. Joule).

The Strychnos Alkaloids (H. Husson).

The Eburnamine-Vincamine Groupe (J. Saxton).

The Bisindole Alkaloids (G. Cordell).

Camptothecin (C. Hutchinson).

writer and topic Indexes.Content:
Chapter I Structural and Biosynthetic Relationships (pages 1–46): Richard B. Herbert
Chapter II Alkaloids of Aristotelia Species (pages 47–62): J. Edwin Saxton
Chapter III The Corynantheine?Heteroyohimbine team (pages 63–146): Richard T. Brown
Chapter IV The Yohimbine team (pages 147–199): Richard T. Brown
Chapter V The Sarpagine?Ajmaline?Akuammiline staff (pages 201–264): John A. Joule
Chapter VI The Uleine?Ellipticine?Vallesamine workforce (pages 265–292): John A. Joule
Chapter VII The Strychnos Alkaloids (pages 293–330): Henri?Philippe Husson
Chapter VIII The Aspidospermine workforce (pages 331–437): J. Edwin Saxton
Chapter IX The Eburnamine?Vincamine team (pages 439–465): J. Edwin Saxton
Chapter X The Ibogamine?Catharanthine team (pages 467–537): Geoffrey A. Cordell
Chapter XI The Bisindole Alkaloids (pages 539–728): Geoffrey A. Cordell
Chapter XII The Cinchona staff (pages 729–752): Guenter Grethe and Milan R. Uskokovic
Chapter XIII Camptothecin (pages 753–781): Jun?Chao Cai and C. Richard Hutchinson
Chapter XIV Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and medical functions of the Monoterpenoid Alkaloids (pages 783–829): William A. Creasey

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