Cholesterol Metabolism, Ldl, and the Ldl Receptor by N. B. Myant PDF

By N. B. Myant

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Ldl cholesterol Metabolism, LDL, and the LDL Receptor

summary: ldl cholesterol Metabolism, LDL, and the LDL Receptor

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25) . Oligonucleotide-directed mutagenesis,i nwhic hspecifi c mutation s ar e introduceda tpredeterminedsite si n asegmen to f DN A generate din vitro, i s considere dbelo w (p . 44) . Cholestero lan dMevaloni cAci dAuxotroph s Workersi nsevera l laboratorie s hav e isolate dmutan tline so f CH Ocell s tha t require cholestero l (cholestero l auxotrophs ) o ra stero l precurso rfo rnorma l growthi ncultur e (se e Sinensky , 1985 ,fo rreview) . Fro mth e poin to f vie wo f HMG-CoA reductase , on eo f th e mos tinterestin go f thes ei s th e mevaloni c aci d auxotroph,Mev- 1 (Schnitzer-Polokoffet al, 1982) .

I nparticular, change si nth e rat eo f synthesiso f th e enzym e hav e bee ninvestigate di nsevera l laboratoriesb y mea suring incorporationo fa radioactive amin oaci dint o immunoprecipitatedreduc taseafte rincubatin g cell s wit hth e labe l durin ga shor t " p u l s e "(usuall y1 hou r orless) . , 1983a , 1984). , 1983b, 1984) . Inductio nb y cholestyramine ,a resi ntha tbind s bil esalt si nth e lumeno f th e intestine ,i s du e t o releas eo f reductase synthesi sfro mrepressio nb y bile salts .

H M G - C o 36 A Reductas e is als o regulatedb y nonstero l productso f th e metabolis mo f mevaloni c acid . Th e integrationo f thi s contro l syste mwit htha tinvolvin g sterol s derive dfro m mevalonatei s discusse da tth e en do f thi s chapter . Shor tter malteratio no f th e stateo f activatio no f reductas eb y phosphorylation-dephosphorylationi s dis ­ cussedi nSectio nV, Fbelow . The abov e mode li sfull y applicabl e onl y t o mature cells . Th e markedincreas e inHMG-Co A reductas e activit y tha toccur si nth e cell so f man y developin g tissues ma y b e explaine dpartl yb ya respons e t o increase dutilizatio no ffre e cholesterolfo rmembran e formation ,a si ndevelopin g nerv e tissu e undergoin g myelinization.

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