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Chapter 1 handle of Welcome (pages 1–2): L. Califano
Chapter 2 Chairman's beginning feedback (pages 3–8): G. Montalent
Chapter three Genetical research in guy (pages 9–22): L. S. Penro
Chapter four Biochemical Genetics as Illustrated via Hereditary Galactosaemia (pages 23–38): Herman M. Kalckar
Chapter five Cholinesterase forms (pages 39–59): W. Kalow
Chapter 6 Genetical edition and experience belief (pages 60–75): H. Kalmus
Chapter 7 The Genetics of Primaquine Sensitivity of the Erythrocytes (pages 76–95): Barton Childs and William H. Zinkham
Chapter eight Chemical and Genetical devices of the Haemoglobin Molecule (pages 96–113): H. A. Itano, S. J. Singer and E. Robinson
Chapter nine The Genetical regulate of Protein constitution: The irregular Human Haemoglobins (pages 114–143): J. A. Hunt and V. M. Ingram
Chapter 10 reports on Foetal Myoglobin (pages 144–150): A. Rossi?Fanelli, E. Antonini, C. de Marco and S. Benerecetti
Chapter eleven Genetics of the Plasma Protein versions (pages 151–177): H. Harris, Elizabeth B. Robson and M. Siniscalco
Chapter 12 Biochemical features of the Inherited diversifications in Human Serum Haptoglobins and Transferrins (pages 178–193): O. Smithies and G. E. Connell
Chapter thirteen a few Immunochemical facets of the goods of the Human Blood workforce Genes (pages 194–216): W. T. J. Morgan
Chapter 14 a few Genetical facets of the Biosynthesis of Human Blood staff components (pages 217–241): Winifred M. Watkins
Chapter 15 Physiological Genetics of Human Blood components (pages 242–263): R. Ceppellini
Chapter sixteen Hereditary Gamma Globulin teams in guy (pages 264–303): R. Grubb
Chapter 17 The Mechanism of Gene motion (pages 304–328): S. Brenne

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We have tried in one case to see whether the elicitation of a sudden adrenaline hyperglycaemia would be affected by feeding galactose to an adult galactosaemic person. We did not find any decrease of this response. Despite the lack of positive evidence a t the present time, I would not dismiss the possibility of the mutase inhibition being responsible for many of the disease symptoms of galactosaemia. Harm‘s: Prof. Kalckar, you said that the brain galactosides were deposited exclusively after birth.

RI. (1957). J . biol. , 224, 79), a specific dehydrogenase, uridinediphosphoglucose dehydrogenase, which catalyses the formation of uridine diphosphoglucuronic acid. It is one of the disharmonies of Nature that this enzyme which catalyses the formation of “active ” glucuronic acid, and hence is so important for the detoxification of bilirubin formed from haemoglobin, does not appear in significant amount until about two weeks after birth. Therefore, in blood group incompatibilities giving rise to an increased production of bilirubin, the danger of free bilirubin being deposited in various tissues, including 38 DISCUSSION brain, is high.

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