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By Mike Reeves-Mcmillan

ISBN-10: 0473122138

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Urban of mask is a swashbuckling event in a atmosphere comparable to Shakespeare's Italy (complete with twins). within the city-state of Bonvidaeo, by means of customized and legislations each person needs to put on a masks and act in personality with it, or face civil, social and spiritual consequences. Gregorius Bass is distributed to Bonvidaeo because the Envoy of Calaria, essentially to get him out from underfoot. Masked because the blameless guy, and within the corporation of his radical younger Bonvidaoan servant, Bass stumbles into secret, intrigue, heresy and homicide.

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What thing? Roi: A thing – my Lady, [crosses to her, takes her hand I have seen a leech today. Lady: I have never known you to be ill ere now. Roi: But now I am, and all is ill until I find the reason, and then ill, ill! Lady: Why, what is the matter? Roi: I have a disease – one of those which pass only between lovers. Lady: And you fear I have it, from our congress? Roi: Lady, I know you have it, but not from our congress. Lady: Why, what do you mean? 37 Roi: You sit here, masked as an innocent, but even when you don the token of having been seduced by me, you are Unmasked.

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