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By Warren Young, Ben-Zion Zilberfarb

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IS-LM might be the major instance of `cognitive dissonance' in economics, and is difficult to many economists. at the one hand, the IS-LM version continues to be taught by way of many educational economists or they use it to derive the AD-AS strategy. however, an analogous economists become aware of the restrictions of the elemental IS-LM version and wouldn't now use it for coverage research, as they did some time past. the excellence among pedagogical and analytical efficacy is made via all of the authors during this quantity concerning the IS-LM version. certainly, even those that may reject utilizing the version for contemporary coverage research nonetheless see the elemental version as beneficial for educating reasons. additionally, in an augmented form, a number of the authors during this quantity could even see healthy to exploit IS-LM for contemporary coverage research. As should be visible, as a result, the IS-LM version is `not but dead'. particularly, the model's `plasticity' has enabled it to endure a change into augmented form, permitting its carrying on with usage in economics accordingly.

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Thus the redistribution of liquidity with an aggregate wealth effect of zero can have a net affect on consumption. A model which captures some of these New Keynesian perceptions in a IS-LMlike environment is the Bemanke and Blinder (1988) CC-LM model. In the traditional IS-LM model, bank assets (loans or bonds) and liabilities (deposit money) are treated asymmetrically: money is included in the LM curve, whilst bonds/loans are suppressed using Walras's Law. Bemanke and Blinder develop a framework, which allows for both to playa role.

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In the traditional Keynesian presentation, demand creates its own supply; in the tradition Classical presentation, supply creates its own demand. In the Post Walrasian presentation, aggregate supply and demand are interdependent; one cannot analyze one without the other). 38 IS-LM AND MODERN MACROECONOMICS What the standard specification of the production function rules out, by assumption, is any demand constraints being institutionally built into supply decisions. In the Keynesian interpretation of the standard model demand constraints and price inflexibility can lead to a demand-constrained economy, but there was always the implication that if only prices were flexible the economy could do better.

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