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7 '. \ -oJ '. NORTH VIETNAM ". - DEMARCATION LINE :\1). ~ LAO THA I LAND '- I r. S ) 0 ' - · ~. ~ , ) SOUT H V I E TN AM • ' OI)IN_ CA MB OD I A COM BINED CAMPAIGN PLAN PR IORIT Y AREAS November 1966 National Priority Area Operational Priority Area O r _~~~~_-"L ' _ _ _~ l ~O Miles I o M Ar} 150 Kilometer s An Expnnding Wnr The fire support base, or firebase, had evolved over the past year into a vital part of the America n method of waging war in South Vietnam . Considerably smaller than the forward base camp, the firebase contained one or more a rtillery ba tteries and normally the command post of a n infantry ba ttalion.

This would force Hanoi out of the s tru ggle once its lea ders rea lized that a military victory was defected, and, second, added to that s lim the number expected to either die of ,,\,oull ds or survive disab led. T he last number ,·vas believed to be 29 percent of repo rted enen1 Y kiUed; it was raised to 35 percent in 1967. 2<, For background on the enemy strength controversy and its reverberat ion in th e United States, see Bob Bre\·v in and Sydn ey Shaw, VietHnlll 011 Trial: WestJ/lorelnlld vs .

Westmoreland reiterated his view that time and more troops were the basic ingredients for victory. " Westmoreland had been making this point since 1965, though few in the civilian leadership seemed to be paying a ttention . " But even this 36 26 Berman , Lylldoll 1011115011'S War, pp. 20-21. " H e further wa rned that "if this level-off force is inadeq uate, I see no choice but to go to full mobiliza tion and bring w hatever troops are required to do the job. "37 Westmoreland believed that a war like that in Vietnam could be won only over the lon g haul.

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