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In Andy McDermott's amazing new novel, Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase are at the hunt for the misplaced pyramid of Osiris...The amazing mystery of the nice Sphinx of Egypt is ready to be published. An archaeological dig is getting ready to open the corridor of documents, a repository of historical wisdom hidden underneath the enigmatic statue. yet at the evening of the disclosing scholar Macy Sharif makes a surprising discovery: a spiritual cult already raiding the corridor of documents to discover the site of the legendary Pyramid of Osiris. Framed through corrupt officers, she is going at the run, attempting to achieve the single those who can shop her sooner than she is silenced -- completely. Discredited, jobless and broke, archaeologist Nina Wilde and ex-SAS soldier Eddie Chase have difficulties in their personal -- till Macy's plea for aid sends them on a dangerous quest around the globe as they struggle to arrive the mysterious pyramid earlier than Khalid Osir, the charismatic chief of the Osirian Temple. yet is the cult's cause in simple terms greed...or anything extra sinister?

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The Cult Of Osiris (Nina Wilde & Eddie Chase, Book 5) - download pdf or read online

In Andy McDermott's very good new novel, Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase are at the hunt for the misplaced pyramid of Osiris. .. The very good mystery of the good Sphinx of Egypt is ready to be printed. An archaeological dig is getting ready to open the corridor of documents, a repository of old wisdom hidden underneath the enigmatic statue.

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It's now not even a clue. It's a whisper, a hint, a ghost echo, drifting down during the many years through likelihood connections so fragile that they might fall apart within the puff of a breath. yet it's sufficient to get mythical former Marine sniper Bob Lee Swagger attracted to the occasions of November 22, 1963, and the 3rd bullet that so decisively ended the lifetime of John F. Kennedy and set the degree for essentially the most enduring controversies of our time.

Swagger starts off his sluggish evening stalk via a much-traveled panorama. yet he's asking questions that few have requested sooner than: Why did the 3rd bullet explode? Why did Lee Harvey Oswald, approximately to develop into the main hunted guy in the world, threat all of it via returning to his rooming condo to safe a pistol he simply can have introduced with him? How might a conspiracy that went un-penetrated for 50 years were thrown jointly within the and a part days among the declaration of the president's course and the assassination itself?

As Bob investigates, one other voice enters the narrative: realizing, ironic, nearly accepted, that of a proficient, Yale-educated veteran of the CIA Plans department. Hugh Meachum has secrets and techniques and the skill and the need to maintain them buried. whilst weighed opposed to his personal legacy, Swagger's existence is a trifling expense—but to blunt the possibility, he'll first need to ambush the sniper.

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